Friday, February 5, 2010

Bauhaus Coffee-Capitol Hill

They pull the shots! All of them. The coffee is strong. The music loud, sometimes too loud. There are regulars, hipsters, professionals, students, freaks who all converge on this true coffee hot spot. Do yourself a favor and don't try to order a tall, grande, venti anything. Macchiatos are what they are suppose to be and it's not a vanilla latte with caramel sauce. Go down the street to that other place if you want dessert. Stick with the coffee/espresso. No triple 1/2 shot rasberry, white chocolate non fat no foam latte here. I mean I guess they can make that, but really?! Don't embarrass yourself.

Roxy's Diner-Fremont

can't stand Fremont for many reasons, but that is another post. But I'm an optimist. Even in this pretentious yuppy community, a jewel emerges and it emerges in the form of Roxy's Diner. Walk in there and I swear the roller derby girls all work there as well. They're hot! and so is the food. Tasty too (the food). oh and reasonable priced! Diner style fare with awesome breakfast options and Reuben sandwiches that are off the hook! Sit at the bar, skip the bagel, bring a friend or two and enjoy. no frills good eatin

Le Panier Pike Place

Order: Jambon de Mornay croissant, 1 napoleon and 2 Bagette to go. Or stay, if you're lucky enough to score a seat. Take in the smell of fresh baked goodness and the strong as stink espresso. This is my every Saturday trek from home and they never disappoint. I don't even mind the crowd. It's that good. The bagette has the perfect crisp crunch, and chewy airy middle. You can always tell how perfect bread is by how it sounds when you break off a piece and smell the toasty yeasty freshness. Vanilla Eclairs, buttery brioche, chocolate pear tarts oh MY!!! Thank goodness for butter, sugar and flour and the people who were genius enough to combine these simple ingredients into the best damn French bakery in Seattle. Snootiness not included. I love the French!!!

5 Guys Burger and Fries

Fine, Red Mill Burger "rules." yea! we all know that. But you want a decent fresh burger for under $5 with fresh cut fries (regular size is enough to share between 3 people) go to Five Guys. There are 2 locations now in The Landing area (Renton) and Thorton Place (by Northgate Mall). It's more assessible, more affordable and you don't have to sit elbow to elbow in a box sized room. The service is fast. It's clean. The little burgers should be normal serving size and plenty enough for anyone.

Blue C Sushi

Hey, I'm all for conveyor belt cheap sushi (if i'm starving looking for a quick fix), but if I'm gonna pay $40 for two people for mediocre fish, I'd go to Sushi Land (the one in Bellevue) instead and that's even pushing it. But hey, I'm glad there are people who would splurge and go here. It makes other authentic fine sushi joints less crowded and more enjoyable for me. So go ahead and get your fake crab cali roll, mayo spicy tuna, dried up rice wrapped around oily battered batter. More fresh yummy unmayofied seafood for me.

Pam's Kitchen

I write this now, since the secret is out and everybody and their brother, mother, cousin, entourage is there now. PEOPLE PLEASE!!!! It's a small place, don't bring in 20 freakin people here and bitch about how long it's taking to get seated and fed. Damn you Guy Fiere and your stupid show. I also had to move tables on 3 different occasions to accomodate for reservations and seating mistakes made by the staff. Cool, no problem, but maybe a complimentary beer or appetizer would have been appropriate. I must admit I used to frequent this place more before it got too famous and increasingly more expensive, but the food is good. The goat curry is what you must get and the buttery dhal puri roti is the perfect utensil for sopping up all that yummy spicy curried potatos and chickpeas. The beef has a new tomato based sauce that I do not like and they do not distinguish this on their menu just so you know. As much as I like the waiter and his mom's home cooking, he did try to convince me that the dish was good even though I just told him I didn't like it as much as the old standard curried sauce. Strange. I didn't like the mushy rice dish either and he tried to convince me otherwise as well. Tip: Go early early early and on the weekday to avoid the 20 gazillion UW students, order quick, get some rum punch, eat, and get the hell out of there before the rush!

Myong Dong Tofu House at the U district

Alright, so it looks like there is enough asian persuasion for this tiny restuarant. What credibility do I have to rate soon doo boo, Yuk Gae-Jang, pan chan and kim chi ji-gae? Well, my girlfriend has kimchi running in her veins and whether by choice or by puppy dog eyes, I eat korean food quite often. Its the only way I have built up a GI system strong enough to somewhat neutralize the comet ball of fire from all the gojujang and kimchi. I have been to Korea, twice. I've eaten in Myong Dong and had the best Sam Gae-Tang in Sok Cho. It is true that decent Korean food can be traditionally found cross the king county border to the north or way down south in Federal Way, but we found this place in the U district of all places. There are 3 a ji mas cooking in the back, the place feels like a sauna, and most of the other patrons are korean speaking. Yes!!

Okay, so the food is great and my gf loves it as do I.
So I just want to do a bit of education here. Scenario: When one walks into a small asian establishment (where ever that may be) and see that there are enough tables to fit up to 3 people at each table, there is a line out the door, and the bill is coming out before you finish your meal. What I see: people sitting there at the table talking about how they would love to adopt a baby from an asian country or whatever for 20 minutes past the time they finished their meal, the bill has been paid and the left overs are packed. Meanwhile there are other people staring around the room hoping that these jackasses would get the hell up so they can eat and symbiotically help the small family business. Small asian restuarant etiquette: sit, order, don't ask for substitutions or vegan options, take your time to eat and enjoy the yummy food, pay the bill, get the hell up and let someone else sit and enjoy the food. It's not a coffee shop.